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Newsweek Magazine is using a sleazy telemarketing campaign in a desperate attempt to get people to renew. I have gotten at least five calls over the past several months.

After the first one or two I told them to put me on a no-call list. After the third call I stopped being polite. But they won't give up.

What can I do to stop this pathetic effort to keep me as a reader? Someone at Newsweek should have the brains to realize that this badgering of former readers only makes the publication look pitiful, which it is if they are this desperate.

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The next time they call, ask them to put your telephone number on their "do not call" list. Even if you are currently a customer, they are supposed to honor your request. If they continue to call you after you've asked to be placed on their DNC list, then think of creative ways to waste their time on the phone, that usually works.

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